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    All Brittany in one towel! You are fond of sardines quiberonnaises? Do you prefer those of Belle-Ile en Mer? Whatever your favorite sardine is, you can show off your passion with this lovely girl from Brittany! It is well known, the best of Brittany is ... the SARDINE!

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    The exquisite housewife of the 50's praising the merits of this famous soap makes us tempts us with fresh linen and outdoor laundry. Except the pin up today appreciates the smell of fresh laundry – direct from the washing machine!

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    This is THE bag of this summer, chic and distinguished. You can easily put all your solar products, swimming suits and magazines in it! And don’t forget your beach towel!

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    This summer don’t forget to pack you sun tan lotion, a little mirror, your phone, sunglasses and a few pennies for ice cream. This pouch is easy to carry with it’s clever snap hook for the keys to your bungalow !  

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    In this big ABC pattern, there is the ocean and foam, umbrellas and sand...all the things that have been so much waited through a long winter time. Boats, anchors, shells and many other patterns will render any item into a stylish marine accessory. Recommended to stitch smoothly while listening to the murmur of the waves.

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    From the Atlantic to the tropics by way of the Mediterranean : it’s a great story told in 50 cross-stitch patterns that invite you to set off on a wonderful sea voyage. These creations, inspired by the love of the briny, are an absolute must for your seaside house, for your boat or for beach-bags for everyone at home!

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    The printed pattern includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on one page. It is 120 points high by 88 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure around 21 cm high x 16 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count Aïda. French Design. To find other fashion show, please click here !

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    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on one page. It is 82 points high by 98 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 15 cm High x 17,5 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count aïda. French Design.

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Les Brodeuses Parisiennes

On our website you will find cross-stich based on various types of material ; these are exclusive to us, designed by us and made in France. These different collections are often the product of our mood of the moment, they are based on various styles that are fashionable and, in particular, on the expectations of our client-embroiderers.

Every piece of embroidery has its own original grid created by one of our highly talented designers. There is a lot of savoir-faire in our team as well as a whole range of different ideas and a real desire to instill passionate life into cross-stitch embroidery. Above all, our clients will always receive the warmest of welcomes from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

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