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    There are shopping bags and then there are SHOPPING BAGS! And this one is an absolute must! It’s pretty enough for you to take anywhere and it’s just the right thing for all those rather rash purchases. There’s a hint of softness in the material and a touch of humour in the embroidery. So you can get off to a good start in the company of Simone, either on...

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    We are sure that any of you will succumb to this trio that will organize all your little things! This lovely blue flowers print on three adorable accessories make six reasons to love it!

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    In her pretty Vichy dress, this Parisian goes through the capital in bloom on a beautiful spring afternoon. It is not easy to resist this embroidery, which reveals real French charm! 

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    A lovely delicate pouch for a refined embroidery in cross stitch on white 11 count linen, with a large lace braid and exquitite little ribbon. Upside down thimbles make mini vases for daisies – impossible to love me not!!  

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    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on one page. It is 129 points high by 108 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 23,5 cm High x 19,5 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count aïda. French Design

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    Here is the first chapter of a series that you can collect ! In the style of the creators of this particular period, this ravishing "hand sketched" design tells us all about  flower insired  fashion. There is a real touch of post-war years nostalgia about this collection which is made just for you !

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    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on one page. It is 100 points high by 130 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 18 cm High x 23,5 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count aïda. French Design.

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  • 17,50 € In Stock

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Les Brodeuses Parisiennes

On our website you will find cross-stich based on various types of material ; these are exclusive to us, designed by us and made in France. These different collections are often the product of our mood of the moment, they are based on various styles that are fashionable and, in particular, on the expectations of our client-embroiderers.

Every piece of embroidery has its own original grid created by one of our highly talented designers. There is a lot of savoir-faire in our team as well as a whole range of different ideas and a real desire to instill passionate life into cross-stitch embroidery. Above all, our clients will always receive the warmest of welcomes from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

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