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    The embroidery recounts one of its most attractive stories on this festive tea towel. This is the one about the joyous time for the festivities that bring us happily all together to share in the excitement of preparing for Christmas. Embroider it like a family album, it’s both a witness and a precious memory of these very special shared moments.

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    A small house and Christmas trees asleep under the snow, a village huddled under the trees, children loaded with gifts and delicate snowflakes carved from wood. In this miniature embroidery nestled in the center of this window there is all the charm of a Christmas village. Placed on your shelf, children and adults will gaze in wonder at this enchanting...

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    In Santaland, the houses and trees are covered with snow while children play at sliding between the flakes as a little robin looks on with amusement. Put on these poetic ice skates, let their bells jingle, and embroider this mobile which will announce the start of the holidays.

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    Gingerbread men, sugar stars and all sorts of goodies…. This adorable scalloped band reminds us of when Christmas was a feast of goodies, both for children and adults. In cream coloured 12 count linen with a satin stitch hem, this band to embroider measures 14 cm by 1 m.

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    With these 25 patterns of different sizes you can encourage both young and old to be patient by offering them a little present every day coming up to Christmas. Give free rein to your imagination and surprise the whole household!

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    « In my shoe » Little story is printed on thick paper 160g, 1 pages, with symbols and colors (Ref. DMC). This story is told with 6 embroidery cross stitch designs + Alphabet ( the largest chart is 49X47 points and the smallest is 11X35 points) Made in France.

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    Christmas is always a time of magic and exception. Embroider this wreath to make the house a joyful cocoon for unforgettable celebrations to share.

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    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on 2 pages. It is 141 points high by 110 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 25,5 cm High x 20 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count Aïda. French Design.

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Les Brodeuses Parisiennes

On our website you will find cross-stich based on various types of material ; these are exclusive to us, designed by us and made in France. These different collections are often the product of our mood of the moment, they are based on various styles that are fashionable and, in particular, on the expectations of our client-embroiderers.

Every piece of embroidery has its own original grid created by one of our highly talented designers. There is a lot of savoir-faire in our team as well as a whole range of different ideas and a real desire to instill passionate life into cross-stitch embroidery. Above all, our clients will always receive the warmest of welcomes from Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.

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