Le monde bébé

Des broderies douces et joyeuses dans un esprit Bébé Cadum. Des modèles élégants, pleins de tendresse parce que rien n'est trop beau pour nos petites princesses et nos jeunes princes.

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    This cuddly toy is the first to hear baby gurgling and the first to help if baby is upset. This cuddly toy who watches over baby at night as well as when baby dreams, is the most important, the most faithful friend of all our little ones. And when he comes with the lovely smile of a little bear, there is no doubt that baby and that favourite cuddly toy...

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  • 18,50 € In Stock

    Don't forget his little shoe and you can embroider a festive bib for this very special occasion. Baby will be delighted to join in the delightful conversation between little bear and bunny. What will they talk about? Toys, of course! A wonderful gift for our little ones.

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  • 17,00 € In Stock

    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on 2 pages. It is 92 points high by 184 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 16,5 cm high x 33,5 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count aïda. French Design.

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  • 35,50 € In Stock

    While baby is dreaming of a walk, going from cloud to cloud, to catch the stars with his little friends, mummy will have organized all of baby's necessities in this pretty bag. This perfect baby gift is particularly cute and very well thought out: the waterproof lining will resist all those little leaks!

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  • 29,50 € In Stock

    Simon the hungry Teddy Bear and Capucine, the adorable little bunny, will make your baby gurgle with happiness, from the first bottle to the first teaspoon of solid food. Two absolutely delightful bibs to make every meal a very special moment.

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  • 32,50 € In Stock

    A teddy bear has always been baby’s best friend. From A through to Z, this charming alphabet tells the funny adventures of Teddy bear with his friends in the forest. Cuddly fox, soft little fawn or funny raccoon, we have no doubt that you will have a thousand and one different ideas for putting these sweet little letters onto baby's everyday clothes.

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  • 39,50 € On stock

    This pouch will become the inseparable friend of our little ones. For toddlers it will hold everything that they need for a stroll. For older children, it will be an adorable snack bag or toy bag. They will take it everywhere!

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  • 11,50 € On stock

    To protect the beautiful gilded dreams of your little one, hang on his/her door that nice baby fox that will be a tender guardian of sleep.

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    The printed chart includes symbols and colour references (DMC) all on 2 pages. Each chart is 30 points high by 95 points wide. Your finished embroidery will measure 7 cm High x 25 cm wide whether you use 11 count linen or 5,5 count Aïda. French Design.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 30 items
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