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    This fully lined back pack is made from a pretty indian fabric, with a coordinating green water polka dot fabric. The straps are made from green water coloured grosgrain ribbon and the bag closes with a zipper.  It measures 33cm by 26cm with a linen 11 count insert.

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    This very pretty damask tea towel is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. It is particularly large, measuring 75 cms long by 60 cms wide. To embroider in cross stitch on a 5,5 count Aïda insert ( 52 cm long by 8,5 cm wide). Threads and needle are not included. The pattern and DMC color chart are included with the tea towel. Made in Italy. To find all the...

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    The « Laurette lat the beach » half kit includes an ivory 5,5 Aïda cloth, 40x35 cm, 3 charms in patinated metal (a bow, a starfish and an anchor) as well as the fabric image of Laurette, ready to be sown on to the cloth.

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    This half-kit comprises: 1 embroidery hoop in wood of 16 cm + a 20 x 20 cm 5,5 count Aïda swatch, the pattern chart with colours (Ref. DMC) and symbols.Needle and threads are not included. Made in France

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    This pouch is so very useful to carry around everything you need, it’s so very pretty with its provençal materials with their deep, rich colours while its embroidery offers us a definite hint of holidays in southern climes. Its removable strap gives you the choice of slipping it into a bigger bag or carrying it on your wrist – just a featherweight little...

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    The little sunny squares of this material, framing a southern farmhouse, the scent of lavender and the sound of crickets, summon up all the charm of Provence for us. This tea-towel will be the olive on the cake in your kitchen, so to speak!

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    If your mother in law asks you to prepare partridge with prunes, your husband a plate of scallops with a Morney sauce or your daughter in law a dish of peaches in honey, you simply say “No, I won’t throw in the sponge!” But whatever happens, with this apron around your waist, you’re all set up!

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    These birds are embroidered as though they were in full flight, scattering delicate cherry blossoms across a bag redolent of spring. You will simply love to take this sober but elegant bag with you whether you are in a contemplative mood walking in the garden or just doing some window shopping.  

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    Lily of the valley to wish them happiness, daisies because they are madly in love with each other, forget-me-nots for a simply unforgettable day. It will take you no more than a day to embroider this delightful flower covered cushion for the happy couple and they will keep it for ever and a day..

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Showing 1 - 9 of 179 items
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