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  • Gourmandises
  • Jardin de Bagatelle
    An unashamedly feminine collection. Subtle colours, delicate flowers and polka dots together for a revisited romantic style.
  • Baby's world
  • Tendance classique
    Timeless, elegant, this collection favours luxury substances and linen. Classic motifs of the finest quality, refined colours, home style plays with the trends and becomes a part of French heritage.
  • Un dimanche à la campagne
    A collection to satisfy your cravings for rustic dining, home-made jams and farmhouse products. Prints which talk of the soil, striking red polka dots and embroideries with a perfume of days gone by.
  • Un jour à Paris
    You're a city lover, a touch bohemian, you like accessories with attitude and the vintage style? Designed like a walk through the back streets of Paris, this collection is perfect for you!
  • Vintage
  • Digoin's fan
  • Sea coast
  • Crasy about fashion
  • Our beautiful regions of France
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