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Fine with a tighter weft, linen fabric is best for those who have a bit of experience. Discover the perfect linen for each collections.

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    With this touch from the natural world, this wreath of flowers will lend an enchanting touch to your house as the seasons go by. Fragile buttercups, delicate mimosas and tender succulents all go to make up a delightful selection that will light up your winter months. And if this circlet goes to your head rather like a fresh perfume, at least it won’t stop...

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    Which one of you has never mislaid some really vital document – put your hand up !! This pouch puts an end to all those pieces of paper you eventually find at the bottom of your handbag which you have either scrunched up or completely lost. If you’ve got an itch or an ache, this little “What’s up, doctor?” pouch is precisely the remedy you’ll be needing !

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  • 39,50 € In Stock

    This clever little pocket is just the thing to keep a careful eye on everything you need for baby: nappies and baby clothes, dummies and wipes. There are two compartments to help you organise things properly and a clasp to keep it all closed so you can easily hang it up. Your little one has his head in the clouds? Never a worry – at least you have your...

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    A picture frame decorated with snowflakes, the moon and a delicately carved reindeer with a sleigh all go to make up a charming setting for these happy children set against a background of their snowy village. You can embroider this poetic scene full of fun and wonder for the celebrations to come.

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    This tea towel, in the style of a sampler, offers us a whole range of traditional pictures that can be read just like a book of charming fairy-tales, all full of fun. The many different designs, all prettily juxtaposed with one another, tell the wonderful story of Christmas. Hurry up and embroider this little masterpiece!

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  • 43,00 € In Stock

    With their “Wapi” backpack, our school children will be well equipped for all their different activities! And since our much loved little angels are full of imagination, what could be better than a small backpack with a touch of the tepee about it ! With their “Wapi” on their backs, our adorable Pocahontas and our sweet little Apaches will be ready for...

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    When Laurette sets off for the beach with her swimming ring in the shape of a duck, with her kite, her big bouncy ball, her little boats and her fishing net, then all those sweet memories of the unending list of toys to be taken down to the sea come back to us. Boots and smock, sunhat and sou’wester, “Laurette on the beach” has a real touch of those...

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  • 35,50 € On stock

    The «Laurette learns cross stitching » half kit includes an ivory 12 thread count linen cloth, 40x35 cm, 3 charms in patinated metal (2 hangers and a bow) as well as the fabric image of Laurette, ready to be sown on to the cloth.

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    This pouch is so very useful to carry around everything you need, it’s so very pretty with its provençal materials with their deep, rich colours while its embroidery offers us a definite hint of holidays in southern climes. Its removable strap gives you the choice of slipping it into a bigger bag or carrying it on your wrist – just a featherweight little...

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